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Language born from the silence

Actually I didn’t complete writing about the “Turning tempo of lifetime” , ”Language born from the silence” in Japanese yet.

‘Is it possible to tell my thoughts even if still a stranger in English??Do I need to refine the meaning??’ to go into the maze…^_^;

However, I tried to write some keywords.
(I don’t know if we could share hypothesis with each other.)
I partially translated sentences from my Japanese blogs.
and this idea grows strong little by little, so please forgive me for these easy sentences.

We should believe more the 5 senses, because the senses and emotions are only true.

For social success …
“control the 5 senses”, “manage time tightly” people say, but If we do that, we ourselves throw the life away.
“live only to live” It’s just a sloth, and people become less to listen language from the silence.
If we have deep insight, we can make the basis of life easily.
And then, it is more interesting that we are going down deeper still from that sanctuary.

In order to have deep insight..

・Don’t control the 5 senses and emotions.
A human cannot break away from him or herself with only just using rational functions.

・Don’t try to keep syncing to the speed of society.

・Don’t be afraid to tune that,
Try to remember the natural pace and true feeling of yourself.

I mean, that is not just to give a loose to one’s feelings.
I wanted to talk about how maximize the human performance.

If we don’t have objectives of life, this is a meaningless sentence.
Sometimes I think nobody can understand my language.
Maybe, nobody will use very primitive language.
Because this language was born from the silence.

That will do for today 😀 ~★





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  1. Hi Chiiibow,
    It’s good. Understand well what you want to describe.
    You should try to “Speak” in English more. (Obviously, you cannot speak in this Blog though)
    Once your words are naturally come out, you have advanced next step.

    1. >Yoshi3
      I am happy to hear that:D I agree your advice. Everyday I trying to speak in English for getting more fluently.
      Thank you for your helpful comment!!