The premise for reading a poetry


What kind of things did I learn from Gaston Bachelard?
…to explain is hard, and It would be impertinent.
However I think this challenge is really exciting. I will try to write in English.

Bachelard wrote a lot of books about poetics.
Poetics is a premise for reading a poetry.
Bachelard’s prose is rich in training of poetic thinking.
We have the necessity to develop getting inspiration from objects or nature.
This rule applies not only Poetry, but also Design, Music, Art, and Mathematics as well.

Bachelard wrote about the mind system using a lot of symbols.
For example, a snail and a small garret seems like different things.
However, these two things have the same meaning for someone.

The symbols give peace, sympathy, complexity, fear, or desire for human mind.
Objects or words get energy because the human mind has poetry.
Why isn’t our world controlled by grid of Excel? He gives me a lot of hints about this question.
We will be able to perceive the various layers to the world.

I said that Bachelard is my favorite but I have actually finished reading only two books.
Bachelard’s sentences give me a lot of fantastic ideas when reading between the lines, and the time seems to fly.
The Japanese translation is not good enough.
Even so I was able to enjoy the creative experience.


The premise for reading a poetry (詩を読むための前提)

先生も私の英語力に見合わないボリュームに対して「amazing performance!」って




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  1. Read your texts smoothly.
    I can imagine you spend a lot of time to brush up this though, way of composing is very natural. I can feel your words were sprouted.
    I tends to compare literature and music as an art. Biggest difference is that music is coming to you unless you shut your ears.
    Although, literature is just there as a text, unless you read it, in depth.
    I wish I can absorb and digest English more smoothly though, it is not our mother tongue anyway, we may need different approach.
    However, “Premise” is important though shouldn’t be prejudgment, like we listen to the music.

    1. >yoshi3
      Thank you for the deeply thoughtful comment.
      What you said is correct. My English personality has started blooming now.
      I am always referencing your advice, and then widening my vision In this way.
      I still can not to make sentence of my idea quickly, but please share me your “Premise” yet again 😀